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The Company

Ecohilandes is a company that provide solution to a big environmental issue, ‘’re-using’’ fabrics leftovers into the production of new fabrics and garments with ecological value added.


At Ecohilandes, together with its brand Natuh, it perfectly combines innovation and entrepreneurship, which is why we have won local and national awards that confirm that we are a company with a vision in the long term.



In 2.016 we won The Innpulsa Masschallenge Bootcamp in Boston-United States, where we were certified as one of the ten most innovative companies in Colombia according to Innpulsa.






In 2014 we won ” Net Me ” in the Global Entrepreneurship week, a platform that recognized us, as one of the most innovative and creative PYMES in the region.



In 2013 we won the prize of ” Alternative Materials and Sustainable Consumption ” in the metropolitan area of ​​Medellín, awarded by Entrepreneurship for Life, belonging to the Mayor’s Office.





On the other hand, we are in the process of obtaining the Global Recycled Standard certification for textiles that ensures sustainability throughout the production chain.



We have a founding team with extensive experience that works every day to achieve success and knowledge for the company, because we definitely believe that Ecohilandes has all the potential to conquer international markets, as the world needs companies that contribute to the preservation of the planet.